About the Medical Freedom Oath

Throughout history, governments have argued the need to take away individual rights for the good of the people. Recognizing the harm this has universally wrought, Canada has always had the core value of individual rights and freedoms – the right of each individual to liberty. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms must stand for the individual right of every Canadian to decide whether to consent to a medical product or procedure. If Canadians cannot make these decisions without threat of expulsion from work, school or participation in civil society, there are no rights the government cannot trample. It is precisely when it is difficult to uphold this right, such as during a pandemic, that the Charter becomes meaningful. The Medical Freedom Oath is intended to create a common bond among all liberty-loving politicians so that when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is challenged, they can feel more confident standing in unison against the ultimate trespass on liberty, coerced government medicine, and forced medical procedures

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