The issues impacting Canadians are complex and many, for a more detailed explanation of the issues listed for ranking, please scroll down below the survey form.

As individuals we prioritize different issues based on our own values, beliefs, and priorities, but the common thread is a commitment to preserving and defending individual freedoms, rights, and liberties.

Canada’s Critical Issues Survey.

Critical Issues in Canada
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Government Transparency and Accountability
Loss of Sovereignty
Critical Race Theory
Healthcare and Public Health
Inflation Due to Government Spending
High Taxation Due to Climate Change Narrative
Gun Rights
Affordable Housing and Homelessness
Sexualization of Children and the push for Gender neutrality
Social Justice and the lack of Judicial Independence
Freedom of Association
Immigration and Refugee Policies
Food Security and Quality
Property Rights
Government Overreach
Freedom of Speech and Expression
Economic Freedom

Government Overreach: Many individuals may be concerned about government overreach, including excessive regulations, intrusive surveillance measures, and restrictions on personal freedoms and civil liberties. Issues such as increased government surveillance, censorship, and the erosion of privacy rights can be seen as threats to individual freedom.


Loss of Sovereignty: Some may perceive agreements with international organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), as compromising Canada’s sovereignty. Concerns may arise regarding the extent to which these agreements infringe on Canada’s ability to make independent decisions and enact policies that align with its own interests and values.


Freedom of Speech and Expression: Freedom of speech and expression are fundamental rights that are essential for a free and democratic society. Concerns may arise over censorship, deplatforming, and attempts to silence dissenting voices, whether by government authorities, corporations, or societal pressures.


Gun Rights: Canada has seen debates and policy changes related to firearms ownership and regulation. Some individuals may view restrictions on gun ownership as encroachments on their right to self-defense and their freedom to own firearms responsibly.


Economic Freedom: Economic freedom, including the ability to start and operate businesses, engage in voluntary exchanges, and accumulate wealth, is crucial for individual prosperity and overall economic growth. Concerns may arise over excessive taxation, burdensome regulations, and government interventions that restrict economic freedom.


Property Rights: Property rights are fundamental to individual liberty and economic prosperity. Concerns may arise over government policies and regulations that infringe on property rights, such as eminent domain, zoning restrictions, and expropriation without just compensation.


Freedom of Association: The freedom to associate with others, form organizations, and assemble peacefully is essential for civic engagement and political participation. Concerns may arise over restrictions on assembly, protests, and the ability of individuals to freely associate with like-minded individuals and organizations.


Government Transparency and Accountability: Transparency and accountability are essential for maintaining trust in government institutions and ensuring that elected officials are accountable to the people they serve. Concerns may arise over lack of transparency in government decision-making processes, insufficient accountability mechanisms, and perceived corruption or cronyism.


Healthcare and Public Health: The plandemic has highlighted weaknesses in Canada’s healthcare system, including issues related to healthcare access, mental health services, addiction management, long-term care, and the influence of big pharma in the push for pharmacare instead of healthcare (vaccination). Improving healthcare infrastructure and addressing public health challenges are ongoing priorities.


Affordable Housing and Homelessness: Housing affordability continues to be a pressing issue in many Canadian cities, with skyrocketing housing prices and rental rates outpacing income growth. Addressing homelessness and ensuring access to safe and affordable housing for all Canadians are key concerns.


Immigration and Refugee Policies: Canada’s immigration and refugee policies are subject to ongoing debate, with discussions focusing on issues such as refugee resettlement, immigration levels, and pathways to citizenship.


Chemtrails: The term “chemtrails” typically refers to governments or other entities intentionally releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere through airplane emissions. Citizens have a right to demand transparency and accountability from governments.


Lack of Food Security: Food security refers to the availability, accessibility, and affordability of nutritious food for all individuals. In Canada, issues such as food deserts, food affordability, and food sovereignty in communities are important considerations. Addressing food security requires comprehensive policies that promote sustainable agriculture, support local food systems, and ensure equitable access to nutritious food for all Canadians.


Inflation Due to Government Spending


High Taxation Due to Climate Change Narrative: Taxation policies aimed at addressing climate change, such as carbon taxes or emissions trading systems, will lead to higher costs for businesses and consumers.


Sexualization of children and the push for gender neutrality


Social Justice and the lack Judicial Independence


Critical Race Theory

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