What's New in the FOI World?

An access to information request has revealed over 2,100 pages of death reports submitted to the Canadian government following Covid-19 vaccination.

It can be incredibly frustrating trying to get access to historical records in Canada. There are often lengthy delays and confusing inconsistency . That’s in large part because Canada — unlike other democracies — has no system in place to open up historical records. Instead, they are trapped within our country’s access to information system.

Documents obtained by POLITICO through an Access-to-Information request reveal urgent appeals from freelancers and small news outlets who spelled out for top officials what would happen if they lost access to sharing news through both Google and Meta.

What is it like to submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in the US?  Listen to Aaron Siri, Esq. and Del Bigtree explain what it’s like in the US to place a FOI request. The ICAN Network thru Siri have submitted over 1700 FOI requests to date. (20 min at the start of the program).

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